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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's gonna take some immigrants!

In an article for the August 29th Star:

"Many Canadians are using information and communications technology devices these days, but not enough Canadians are entering the field of ICT. And that has left the country with a shortage of qualified workers, according to a national survey conducted for the Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow's ICT Skills (CCICT)."

(ICT stands for "Information and Communication Technologies")

"So where will the new ICT workers come from?

"CCICT research indicates there are three main feeder sources for this field: young people planning a career; immigrants; and people in the existing workforce who are looking to upgrade skills."

Good news - I work in tech. Hire me, Canada!

My love will be very pleased you have a job for me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WHTI-less policy drives Canadian tourism down

The Globe and Mail reports that samoe-day cross border visits between the US and Canada for June dropped 26% this year upon implementation of WHTI (the Western Hempisphere Travel Initiative).

"The dramatic drop in travel across the Canada-U.S. border shows that the fears of many in the tourism industry in both countries are coming to pass. After the tougher passport rules were announced in 2005 as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, many industry groups warned that the regulations would further discourage Americans already reluctant to travel due to the high dollar and gas prices."

Leave it to the US to make our best international friend an enemy in the name of security. This program, and its lack of real-world context (fear of terrorist attack FROM Canada? Is this 1812?) illustrates the worst of US political pandering and electioneering. And it illustrates the immediate need for the elimination of the Department of Homeland Security (my gosh but that has such a totalitarian ring to wonder in a republic where we call our department heads "Czars").

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

People are (not) having sex

From an article by Carol Goar in The Star:

"Our fertility rate has fallen below the population replacement level. Within two years, the growth of our labour force will be entirely dependent on immigrants. Within six years, seniors will outnumber children."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little context - the other direction

My love asked me to look into the potential of her immigrating to the US today, and frankly, it's been a topic that just hasn't come up. Surprising isn't it, but we have been focused on the Canadian side of the equation, and she hasn't had much of a desire to immigrate here.

As usual, what I quickly found out is that the US makes it even more of a burden for spouses to come to the country in many ways.

First off, you must meet a minimum financial requirement (the poor cannot sponsor their spouses unless they get a co-signer).

Next, the while your spouse can immediately come to the country, they have to apply for a work permit (which can take up to 3+ months to acquire, and is not guaranteed).

Finally, if they want to leave the country for any reason (maybe to go home and sell the condo, take care of a sick relative, etc.), they must get permission from the government to do so. Again - fill out a form and wait. If they don't get permission, they can be denied entry into the country again, AND the application is considered abandoned.

Think of the personal implications of all of these policies together. Now remember, that this isn't even a fraction of the process...

In comparison, the Canadian process seems downright humane and fair-minded.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

One more for the missing

Ok - this trend wont last. Next post will definitely be back to immigration news, politics, sightseeing...something other than sadness and self-pity. But right now I'm feeling it, and as a friend says, "it doesn't do any good to bottle that crap up."

I miss...
  • Seeing my Love's face at YYZ
  • The view of downtown coming in on the Gardiner from the west
  • Shopping for cheese at St.Lawrence Market
  • Seeing a movie at the Paramount
  • Getting lost in PATH
  • Walking up Younge Street to The Bay
  • Philosopher's Walk
  • The AGO
  • The wading pool at College Park
  • Street hot dogs
  • Watching storms roll in from the west
  • Sunday paper with brunch on Queen Street West
  • The farmer's market at Nathan Phillips Square
  • Pineapple Fried Rice at Spring Rolls
  • Hockey puck checkers at Indigo
  • The restaurants on Baldwin Street
  • Figuring out where to put everything after a Costco run
  • Lunch at IKEA in Etobicoke
  • Walks along the Lakeshore
  • Summer evenings in The Beaches
  • Waking up to CP24 news
  • Drooling over guitars at Capsule
  • Poutine from the truck at Nathan Phillips Square
  • Wedding pictures in front of the mansion on Queen Street West

What do you miss?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nights when faith comes and goes

Today I have to acknowledge that I miss my love a lot. This separation is hard. The last week when we talk via Vonage (thank God for Vonage) each evening, all we can ask each other is for reassurance that we will be together soon, and each bedtime prayer is capped with us asking God to end this separation by allowing us to be togther and for this immigration saga to end. I can't say we don't both lose faith at times - we do. But not for long. Deep in our hearts we still believe God has a plan for our lives that doesn't include a border dividing us.