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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Vancouver Sun - Canada's three major parties on immigration

With a Federal election coming May 2nd, I thought it would be prudent to give some space to what three of the major party leaders are saying about immigration. This article from the Vancouver Sun sums things up nicely.

Read the article here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lawyers and academics challenge Harper immigration record

From the Toronto Star:

In an unusual move, a group of Canadian lawyers and legal academics are urging voters not to support the Conservative Party in the May 2 election.

“The Conservative Party has been telling visible minority immigrant communities, which it calls the ‘ethnic vote,’ that it is improving the immigration system,” said the group in a statement released Wednesday. “A review of their record shows the contrary.”

The group, made up of leading immigration lawyers and professor across Canada, said the Conservative Party has misled the public, especially immigrant voters, by making twisted statements about the state of Canada’s immigration and refugee system, in order to win newcomer votes.

Among the group‘s claims:
• The annual visa quotas for sponsored parents and grandparents are down — not up — by 44 per cent from 20,005 in 2005 to 11,200 in 2011. It now takes nine to 30 months longer to process these sponsorships, depending on the visa post.
• The backlog of skilled worker applicants waiting for a decision has gone up — not down — from 487,000 in 2005 to the current 508,000.
• Instead of getting tough on smugglers, new legislation introduced by the party target the victims of smuggling, the refugees, by mandatory detention, denying permanent residency and making it more difficult for refugees to reunite with their families.
• The party claims to be sympathetic to genuine refugees who do not flee their countries illegally, but just announced plans to cancel the only program allowing Canada to protect refugees applying from within their own country.

Read the entire article here

1570 days - give or take

Today I received my Visa to land as a Permanent Resident!

Our process took 1570 days from submittal. Four years, three months and 19 days. But praise the Lord, this part of the journey is behind us. I'll land in a couple of months (work and travel schedules to coordinate), and there's a lot to do until then.

Let the transition of the blog begin!

We are so happy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

From "The Smart Canadian" - Public Input Sought on Immigration Law Changes

"The Canadian government is now asking public’s input into its proposal to implement a so-called conditional permanent residence for those coming to the country under spousal sponsorship.

In a government notice, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) – the federal department that runs the country’s immigration process – also makes it public for the first time its intention to introduce the two year conditional permanent residence for those sponsored spouses and partners who are in a relationship that is two years or less in duration."

Read the entire article with the link to how to submit your own comments here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

From the Minister's mouth - the latest from Jason Kenney

You know I can be quite a critic of Jason Kenney and how he handles the Immigration portfolio. But it's important to be sure he has his voice heard as well. Follow the link below to read "Speaking notes for the Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P. Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism at the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, Ottawa, Ontario, February 17, 2011". 

This will give you a solid update on the department's work and plans from the leader himself.

I'd love to know your responses to what he had to say.

Read the speaking notes here

Monday, April 11, 2011

CIC web site - Finding help: organizations that support immigrants

As I am preparing to make my landing and start life as a Canadian immigrant, I've been tracking down resources that can assist me, especially in the search for work in my field. While I already have many contacts, there are also a number of support organizations to call upon all over Canada. Toronto happens to be rich with them, so I'm in luck there. Here's what the CIC web site has to say and a link to their list of groups that may be able to help you too.

"CIC supports hundreds of immigrant-serving organizations in Canada that are ready to help you after you arrive. Many of the people working in these organizations were once newcomers; some may even speak your language. These organizations can help you find housing, education, language training and other services that will help you begin your life in Canada."

Find services in your area